Who is Young Business Edge?

Young Business Edge (YBE) is an initiative of Albury Northside (ANCC) and Business Wodonga (BW), the Chambers. YBE is a sub-committee of the Chambers.

Young Business Edge is here and ready to connect, inspire and support the young business people in the Albury-Wodonga region.This dynamic initiative is targeting people under the age of 40 from all industries and all positions.

The main focus is to bring people together to promote business opportunities and be a catalyst for ideas and innovation. This focus will contribute positively to the retention of professionals in the Albury-Wodonga region and be security for the future of local businesses.

Secondary to this is education and information. Young Business Edge will educate these people on the softer skills that may not be taught at university. This will give these people more confidence, ethics and conviction in business which will be valuable knowledge for the future of our businesses today.

Albury Northside and Business Wodonga provide protocol, parameters and is the support for the initiative to help steer the program on its course through its growth. A strong committee of talented local business people are there to continuously breathe life into the initiative and keep it true to its fundamentals. They’re also there for a chat at the events, so don’t be shy.